Tsam members pamphlet distribution @16 different locations in chennai

TSAM students distributing pamphlets
On 31st March,a day after the protest at Gemini Flyover,Tsam members residing in the city distributed pamphlets at 16 different locations all over chennai with every location consisting of 4 members each  distributing pamphlet at every nook and corner of the city.The pamphlet were written in english and on the back side it was translated in tamil.Every group which consist 4 members were appointed a group leader i.e, a senior tsam member so that they won't face any traveling issues related problems.

The pamphlet distribution was a huge success as tsam students distributed around more than 1200 pamphlets all around the city and created awareness about the current pathetic and critical situation in tibet and about the series of self immolations taking place.The students of Madras Christian College were not able to take part as they were having their internal exams that day. 



  1. Hey I thank each and every member involved in this untiring work. I received several calls concerning Tibet issue from certain number of Indians. Your work on awareness has really worked...Proud to be TSAM president...

  2. Great post. My friend was just talking about pamphlet distribution and I wanted to read more about it, that is how I came across your post. I will have to send this to her, I think she will find this very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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What can we do for Tibet?

1. Organize presentations & community forums
2. Show Tibetan films documentary

3. Boycott Chinese goods

4. Organize community boycotts

5. Educate businesspersons about the importance of Boycotting Chinese goods

6. Write articles & letters for the newspapers

7. Organize interviews with the radio & TV stations

8. Organize press conferences

9. Develop & distribute flyers & posters

10. Organize benefit concerts

11. Telephone 1 person each day & talk with them about China, Tibet, & the U.S.A.

12. Give articles about Tibet to your friends, co-workers, classmates, & relatives

13. Report inaccurate maps & facts about Tibet in books to the publisher

14. Fly the Tibetan Flag at your home, business, and/or school

15. Burn white candles each evening in prominent or public places

16. Walk for Tibet's independence in your community

17. Wear a "Tibet" button

18. Put a bumper sticker on your car & give them to others

19. Set up information tables in public places

20. Write letters to government officials (U.S. & PRC) & human rights' groups. Along with other issues, demand that Gendhun Choekyi Nyima be released

21. Circulate various petitions about Tibet & Tibetans

22. Recite long life prayers for The Dalai Lama & The Panchen Lama

23. Recite prayers to remove the obstacles to restore Tibet's independence

24. Hold silent vigils to symbolize the silent voices of Tibetans in Tibet

25. Visit internet chat rooms each day & educate & discuss Tibet, the PRC, & the U.S.A.

26. Wear rangzen bracelets demonstrating your support for Tibet's independence. Share these bracelets with your relatives, co-workers, & friends

27. Each day, wear the name of a different Tibetan Political Prisoner on your clothing

28. Organize hunger strikes for Tibet

29. Ask your radio stations to play "The Yak Band" (Purchase tape from ITIM)

30. Collect Signatures for Tibet's independence. Return petitions to ITIM

31. Collect Signatures for Boycotting Chinese Products. Return petitions to ITIM

32. Host Tibetans visiting your area

33. Raise Funds to assist Tibet Support Groups

Remember: It is easy for us to do many of these activities. Tibetans inside Tibet, in contrast, could possibly be imprisoned or killed for participating in any one of these activities. Whatever you do for Tibet, please be mindful of this reality.